Warranty Policy:

Prior to beginning installation, please check your order to be sure that everything is correct, i.e, Year, Make, Model, Color, Material, etc. If we sent you the wrong item we will gladly accept it back and refund or ship you the correct item providing the incorrect item is returned in saleable conditions.

AutoBerry.com sells convertible tops manufactured by one of the most respected and experienced Aftermarket Convertible Top Suppliers in the industry. The quality of workmanship, engineering design, and craftsmanship in the pattern making and manufacturing process in each end every convertible top is of such a high level that we can offer one of the best warranties and support policies available.

AutoBerry.com guarantees that your convertible top will fit your vehicle as advertised right out of the box or we will accept the return and refund your purchase or provide you with a new replacement top.

AutoBerry.Com - 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Our Tops are manufactured using only the finest materials, most modern equipment and the highest skilled craftsmen in the industry. Our attention to detail and quality of workmanship ensures that your new Top will provide years of trouble free use. Every top is custom fitted for the specific vehicle to ensure a quick and easy installation and our use of original materials provides the same durability as the factory supplied top.

However, even with the most carefully constructed top, problems may occur. With AutoBerry.com you can rest assured that we will be there to take care of you. Our manufacturer’s warranty covers all components against defects in materials and workmanship for various periods. For example, the bond between the glass window and the topping material is warranted for 1 year. Of course, some items, like glass window breakage, are beyond the control of the manufacturer and are not covered under warranty.


If a warranty problem arises, simply contact AutoBerry.com and provide us your name or email address, purchase date and order number and we will handle your warranty claim quickly and professionally.

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