Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions. Please read them before contacting support.

Shipping Information

Why does it take 1-5 Business days before you ship my order?

We stock most original materials and colors for immediate shipping. but there are too many colors and different material and if that particular item is temporarily out of stock we go ahead and Order you a new top and have your order drop shipped factory direct within 1-5 business days. Seat covers could take 5-7 Business days

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship to Every country Via United States Postal Service

Can I install the top myself?

We Highly recommend to have your top professionally Installed, however if you are mechanically inclined and decide to replace your convertible top yourself, please request the installation instruction with your order in our customer comment box on the order page. If the instruction for that specific car is available we will include it with the top or Seat covers

Any special tools needed?

95% of our products does not require any special tools

What are the difference between the material Vinyl, Stayfast, German?

Pinpoint Vinyl: Pinpoint Vinyl is a material that was used originally on most American Cars in the Older models. it looks like grained plastic. Sailcloth: Sailcloth Vinyl is a material that has a little different texture than Pinpoint Vinyl top. Sailcloth Vinyl looks like grained plastic. Stayfast: Stayfast is specially made Fabric (Canvas) material for convertible tops. Stayfast Canvas looks similar to tent material. Stayfast is also very commonly used on replacement tops for European cars as a less expensive alternative to the Original German Canvas or Sonnendeck Canvas. German Canvas (Sonnenland): No description is needed. It is the Original German Canvas. Construction: A three-ply composite made of twill weave outer fabric, rubber inner layer and a dobby weave lining fabric. Original Equipment: VW New Beetle Convertible, Mercedes, Porsche, Saab , Volvo, BMW

What type of contact adhesive do you recommend?

Aerosol contact adhesive designed for bonding vinyl tops, heavyweight liners and hood silencer pads where high strength and heat resistance are needed. We prefer an aerosol contact adhesive specifically designed for bonding vinyl and canvas topping material such as the 3M Yellow Super Trim Adhesive.

Still Have A Questions?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.